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To satisfy to the highest degree the requirements of our clients and partners and to supply high quality products and solutions that strengthen the company’s position on the world market. To achieve a profitable level that will ensure steady development and constant growth of the company for the benefit of the employees, shareholders and society.


To become one of the top five manufacturers of screw caps and closures in Europe by developing innovative products, manufacturing processes and business models.

Strategic targets

  1. Ensure and guarantee stable product quality to the clients;
  2. Satisfied customers and partners;
  3. Satisfied staff;
  4. Continuous development of innovative products, technologies, processes and business models according to the market requirements;
  5. Preserve and manage the company knowledge;
  6. Approaching new markets and products;

Basic values

  • People
    Educated staff is the main power of our development and forms our prestige and viability.
  • High quality
    Quality is the most important priority when providing our customers with products entirely satisfying their needs.
  • Profitable growth
    To ensure growth that will guarantee return on investments to the shareholders and job safety for our staff.
  • Customer service
    We satisfy the customers to the highest degree because they are our source of living.
  • Continuous improvement
    Everything we do today, we can do better tomorrow.
  • Professionalism
    The main requirement in our business is effective and dedicated use and development of our staff’s skills.
  • Team work
    Our employees are a team in which everybody has to treat the others with trust, respect, sincerity and honesty.
  • Partnership
    Mutual relationship with all the partners.


Good reputation

Respect and responsibility for the good company name.