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Protecting the environment

Reducing energy, water and other materials used to produce and package food and drink products  is a major objective in every area. The packaging industry takes important place in these efforts as more and more products are sold packed. Companies introduce innovative technologies to manage environmental sustainability. Aluminum closures have a very good environmental performance as they protect and preserve the product, thus reducing product wastage. On top of this, they are 100% recyclable, indefinitely. A study by EAFA shows that about 75% of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Recycling of aluminium needs up to 95% less energy than its primary production.

Herti constantly invests in new technologies that boost energy efficiency. We use raw materials from suppliers executing ethical business practices. As SEDEX member we use responsibly sourced materials from suppliers with ethical business practices.

Herti is conscious of the environment and pays special attention to the effective use of natural recourses and invests in water treatment plant.

Being a shareholder and a partner in Ecopack Herti follows all principles for protecting and recovering the nature.